Concillia Muonde


  • Barrister, Toronto, 
  • Solicitor-at-law, Toronto
  • Juris Doctor, Ottawa
  • Master of Social Work, Ottawa
  • Bachelor of Social Work, Highest Honours, Ottawa
  • Bachelor of Science Economics Honours, Harare


I am passionate about ending oppression through legal justice. As a lawyer with degrees in economics, social work and law, I am fully equipped to craft creative solutions to complex legal matters.


  • I do not think knock-knock jokes are funny at all, especially kids’ made up knock-knock jokes. For example, Knock-knock; who is there? the Grinch; the Grinch who? The Grinch who stole Christmas… hahaha… really? There is absolutely nothing knock-knock about this joke. Okay, try this one: Knock-knock. Who is there? Tissue. Tissue who? Tissue pass me the salt. Honestly, please, where is the joke in this?
  • I am an avid camper (context-once in the past 2 years). I make a killer campfire.  But, I am not too passionate about smores, why seriously….eew.