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Concillia Muonde Law Office is based in Ottawa, Ontario with the objective to facilitate equitable access to justice for families, particularly for survivors of family violence, and LGBTQQ members of the community.

Because of the stigma attached to family violence, navigating the family law system can be a challenging experience for survivors. Concillia's experience working with survivors of violence for over 10 years has given her the awareness and sensitivity necessary to help survivors with their family law matters.

While anyone can face legal problems, LGBTQQ identities impact upon access to justice. Concillia believes in justice for all. Therefore, she engages in a client centred practice approach that puts the client’s LGBTQQ identity at the forefront.


  • We are client centred and client directed
  • Clients remain aware of their role in making informed decisions
  • We maintain effective communication and allow clients to feel heard and to stay informed about the different stages of their file throughout the client-lawyer relationship
  • We are dedicated to upholding the integrity of the legal profession
  • We zealously advocate for our clients ethically

We are a young but fast-growing practice.  Our lawyers come from diverse educational and socio-economic backgrounds. We are always looking for more ways to grow. Contact us to learn more about possible ways to join our team.